Local TON Bot
6/27/2019 update:
+ independent member's message count
+ storing last activity time of group
+ fix a bug about self-destruct bot message
+ auto detect 'deleted accounts'
+ auto re-invite old members
+ see admin list by "@admin"
+ fix a bug about kick or warn to member who replied on a forward message
+ do not submit warning for send text in voice groups and send forward from self
+ do not delete messages with command [like first version] for learning new admins

4/12/2019 update:
+add gif guide to how to unlock members
+restricting members in first entering in one of our group, after first verified no need do it again for other groups
+preparing localization bots
+fixed bugs about restricting commands
+auto bigban if a member doesn't confirm human verification, this task will run every 3 days
+erase every data of who bigbanned , this task will run every 3 days
+some minor changes in bot messages
-removed warnings to who send text messages in voice groups (if that member is a human, then he/she can do mistakes and confuse between voice or text groups ;-) ) @rule9

2/21/2019 update:
+automatically set admin by bot or unset
+send congrat message per X messages
+dont delete !link bot reaction(the message)
+ resticted some profile names
+ new command(s):
>> !sbot : for spam bot
+fix some problems

11/20/2018 update:
+templating messages
+decrease one warn
+explain user information
+easy links to use commands in !info
+try to reduce press on bot and share functions between local bot and global bot
+!xxx command for porno
+delete the message after moderating command by Bot
+ detecting playing with command and warn
+ detecting bot spammer automaticly and bigban
+add warn to who send text in voice group(s)
+fix wikipedia command and you can use by !wk {lang} {string}
+ make multilingual !wk
+redesign !alert message template
+!moderators command instead of !admins
+you can not command to your self
+you can use !{command} {id} {reason} for moderating commands
+ !noban !nobigban fixed
+simple function for !tn and reduce press on bot
+ change function from !list to !userlogs or !ul
+change usecase of !list, Just work in Core Team group now by every member
+!ngt instead of !savetopic

- remove !mute and !nomute command
- remove !admins

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