About TON
What is TON?
TON is Abbreviation of The One Nation. It refers to Adam's Children and human. TON contains many chat groups in a telegram (you can find those in @tongroupsbot), most categories are about science and languages. We try to proper an environment to learn together from each other members about target languages or science.
Why this name?
We want to recall everyone to know we are from on root and say we don't have difference basically.
Why TON?
You have to answer why TON, we know that there is so many similar chat groups or environments over the internet about this reasons, we are one of them, we try our best and we will be better with your help, anyway, we have a complex. you can get help and help other members. we think That lets you will be relaxing in each group and safety feels.
How is TON's managing?
Of course, we thought about it, we have several layers to manage chat groups.
the First Level is Bot. The bot will do many things like detect spammers, harmful, inactive members, bots, send suggestions to members, and a way for members have straight contact with Owner.
The second level is moderators or admins, they can help to make groups safety, active by human power.
The third level is head-admins, they are monitoring admins activity also try best do and answer to members problem by high access
the fourth level is Owner, if no one was there, the owner is trying to beside you because we have a goal. The owner will learn from you and make your environment best with his tries.
when did TON start?
July, 2016 was TON's first day. So little and fresh.
Only learning?
human is learning always. Anyway, no you can to have free chat with other people, if you are a native or expert member, you can to help each other members in chat groups. Even you can suggest a group about music, art or other subjects and science.
where is my mother-tongue?
thank you for paid attention to that. So, we have to say if you can not see your mother-tongue, we should say because we did not have any request and known people about it. Anyway, you can send to @tongroupsbot a letter about your mother-tongue, we will review and reply to you shortly.
how can I invite my friends here?
sounds good! You can ask from every-level of managers or send “/link” in target chat group.
how can find you from out of Telegram?
absolutely, we thought about that. We have some pages on some social networks. We don't have similar activity there.
📢 @theonenation
🤖 @tongroupsbot

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