🛂 Public commands:
🔹 !wk {query} | search in wikipedia
🔹 !gtl {language} {query} | translate by google-translate
🔹 !alert | call admins
🔹 !topic | remind topic again
🔹 !moderators | list of admins
🔹 !gtopic | remind Global Topic in TON Chat Groups
🔹 !link | Invite link of target chat group
🔹 !links | Invite links of chat groups

✅ inline command: you can write command and text or query in one message
✅ reply command: you send command as reply message to another message
✅ (!) Exclamation mark is important at first✅ or (/) slash mark is important at first✅ or (>) mark is important at firstcommands admindebug mode: !commands admin | commands admin

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